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Frequently asked questions

You can install your software on a desktop PC and a mobile system (e.g laptop).
Only after registering your software you will have access to free updates.

By registering the software your software will be assigned to the specified e-mail address in the registration. If you lose your serial number we can determine the serial number registered by the customer or by contacting our support team.
Drivers and vehicles can not be removed from the seminar schedule because you have to keep monitoring the data according to regulations. If an employee leaves your company and you no longer wish to monitor this data automatically just simply move the driver or vehicle data from the archive to another location or storage medium. The data is then no longer included in the schedule. To get to the storage path of your files, click in the software "File Archive" and then the "Open Folder" button. To delete or move the files / directory, type in the file archive in search of the top left of the name of the driver / vehicle, which is excreted. Now just check the entry below to select the appropriate action, eg: "Save as" and or "delete".
The social violations will be evaluated solely on the basis of the data from the driver card. The reason for this is that only your personal driver card includes all activities in full. When using multiple vehicles you will distribute your personal activities on the individual vehicles.
The data from the archive directory can be copied easily as any other data on an external drive or a CD / DVD. In the case of a corporate network with a backup, you can move the file path into the network and also secure the data in this way. To get to the storage path of your files, click in the software "File Archive" and then the "Open Folder" button.
The download key is the device for reading and storing the data of the mass storage of digital tachographs. The memory shall be read out at least every 90 days. You will need a company card to download from a tachograph. The company card identifies the company and enables viewing, downloading and printing the data stored in the vehicle unit.
The proxy settings can be found in your browser connection settings. There you will find a server IP address and which port to use. If in doubt, ask your system administrator on site.
Software for reading, archiving and analyzing the data of the mass memory and driver card are covered by the promotion.
The software can not communicate with the update server. Check the Internet connection and or if a proxy server is used on the network. If using a proxy server the proxy server settings in the software under "Settings - Proxy Server" need to be adjusted. In addition to the proxy settings in the software the port 12 000 should be released at the server for communication. (Domain: update.globofleet.com, SOCKS5 protocol - socket connection)